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12 Sep

The Cameroon Government to Ban Kuwait Travel

The Global Action For Minority Rights (GLOBAFORM) through her advocacy have it on high authority that the Government of Cameroon has reportedly banned travelling to Kuwait following reports of labour rights violation though the information is not clear about how the Government wishes to assist those who wish to return home. On the quest to support those who wish to return home voluntarily, GLOBAFORM is in contacts with the Ministry of External Relations (MINREX) , thus GLOBAFORM needs the following information from those who wishes to go back home.

1. Name, Tel number , email
2 .Where you live in Kuwait
3 .Contact in Cameroon
4 .what you need to return home

As at now, we have just 5 names. We need more. The names would be forwarded to Cameroon Government for eventual action.
We would appreciate your sincere cooperation.

For more info, contact info@theglobaform.org

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