Equal Rights to All



The issue of Human trafficking of girls in Africa especially in Cameroon , Nigeria and Ghana to Europe and the Middle East especially Kuwait to work as domestic slaves and sex slaves have proven that slavery didn’t end with abolition. GLOBAFORM is fighting to stop human trafficking in our communities by educating our girls and empowering them to take action and say no to human traffickers.

Will we fold our arms and watch our eyes see our sisters, mothers, daughters and friends being fooled by human traffickers? Will you wait till it reaches your door step before you act? No please dona��t. It is for this reason that we of GLOBAL ACTION FOR MINORITY RIGHTS (GLOBAFORM) have decided to raise our voice to put an end to this practice. We wish to carry out a sensitization tour, educate our parents to stop their children especially the girl child from engaging into this unknown journeys, educate our sisters on better ways to improve on their lives in their present locations.

Please your donations count a lot. Your donation will bring relief to where it is needed most. Your donation will help us get our girls back home. We count on your support.

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