Equal Rights to All

About Us


GLOBAFORM is an international Non-Profit Organization fighting to empower minorities especially women by promoting minority rights in Africa and other third world countries by helping them make their concerns heard at the international level.


The main aim of GLOBAFORM is to empower local civil society promoting minority rights in Africa and help them make their concerns heard at the international level. Working together with other human rights NGOs, GLOBAFORM acts to advance the rights of vulnerable communities, who are subject to discrimination and human rights abuses in different parts of Africa, through monitoring, reporting, awareness-raising, capacity-building and national and international advocacy.


To promote respect for universal standards of human rights with emphasis on universality and interdependence of human rights.

To provide a public regional forum for exchange of ideas and concerns on human rights, peace and substantive democracy.

To expose human rights abuses in the region. Human rights are abused in dark places and the abused persons are forced into silence in their own country. By organizing regional dialogues, producing research and publications and undertaking advocacy campaigns, GLOBAFORM will seek to expose abuses.

GLOBAFORM shall build a communication network of regional human rights and peace activists and develop a publications programme on peace and human rights issues.

GLOBAFORM shall undertake programmes and campaigns to generate awareness for the rights of the minorities, displaced persons and refugees and work for the reduction of statelessness. GLOBAFORM shall campaign for ratification of UN conventions and protocols for the protection of refugee, stateless persons and migrants by the states of the region.

Through such mechanisms as people to people dialogue, GLOBAFORM shall strive to create inter-state and regional level peoplesA?a��a�? forums for intervention in situations of intra and inter-state conflicts, lobby with governments for creation of regional conventions and mechanisms to improve the quality and standards of human rights all over Africa.

GLOBAFORM will focus on strengthening the peace-building capacities of three particular constituencies A?a��a�? Minorities, Women and the media.